Live dealer casinos offer players an authentic gaming experience without them having to visit a brick and mortar casino. However, many amateur gamers do not understand how a live dealer casino works. If you are one such person, this post is for you. Read on.

The Dealer is the Centrepiece

In a live dealer casino, the dealer is the centrepiece that joins all other gaming aspects together. The dealer stays inside the brick and mortar casino and oversees the play with players out of the casino at their convenience. The dealer, in this case, has several functions that he or she performs to enable the live dealer events to take place. Firstly, the dealer is the one who controls the deck if it is a card game, rolls the dice in a dice game or spins the roulette table.

The dealer also takes the bets of all the players in the game. While the players easily do this by selecting the options on their user interface, the dealer confirms the value of each bet. Once the round is over, the dealer announces the winner of that round and welcomes new bets. Lastly, the dealer has an essential role in responding to queries raised by players during the game. The dealer will read the question and respond via a mic that he or she wears. In this case, the dealer also serves as live support in a game.

The Player’s User Interface

Live dealer events are possible through a live video stream. A player will have a regular interface as when gaming against a computer. However, in this case, the player will see the dealer’s movements and the portraits of other players in the game. Through his or her interface, a player can type a message to the dealer. Additionally, players have icons for selecting bet amounts. There is also a button for opting out of an event.