The world of online gaming is filled with limitless options for anyone looking to engage in online games. In this post, we look at some of the online video games that you can participate in during your leisure time. Read on.

1. Fortnite

Arguably the most popular game on the internet today, Fortnite is an exciting game that appeals to both the old and the young. With daily contests and leaderboards that update every second, players can immerse themselves in this game for an entire day. The shooter survival game is a great way to pass the time online while also learning essential survival skills.

2. FIFA 2020

FIFA 2020 is the ultimate football game for soccer enthusiasts. The game involves the simulation of a player’s favourite team and their respective football leagues. Players can game alone or compete with other players online through various available platforms. Additionally, the game helps players learn about man-management as the gamer is tasked with buying players, paying their salaries and managing their fitness.

3. Call of Duty

The ultimate first shooter game on the internet today. Call of Duty involves a gamer playing as an elite shooter out on missions. Players can play alone or play in groups of shooters through the game’s online interface. These teams then compete against each other for virtual rewards.

4. Grand Theft V

GTA V involves a player or teams of players simulating a first-person character who gets sent on errands by Mafia bosses. The goal of the game is to grow this character from an ordinary errand boy to a respected member of the Mafia in the long run. The game combines some interesting aspects of business, crime and quick decision making that make the game enjoyable to play. You can play this game offline or online against other players.