Why content marketing is getting so difficult!


Whether you’re an individual blogger, working in a business or working for a brand, many niches are getting crowded with content and social media activity. This makes it very difficult to compete.

Many have been sucked into the thought process of must produce content regardless of the quality or relevance of said content. This has almost caused their own demise as it has now flooded various digital channels with irrelevant information. This is resulting in potential customer and customers switching off from the content and in some cases having a very negative impact on a business.

This was predictable. When the Internet first started, everyone needed a website. If you were the first one with a website, you had an initial competitive advantage. As the web became more and more crowded, you needed to be found and stood out. If you were the first one to figure out search engine optimization, again you had an advantage, because you’re going to be at the top of the search rankings. However, after your competitors figured it out, it got harder and more expensive to be at the top of search rankings.

It’s the same thing with content marketing. It’s hard to be seen, because people are figuring it out. People are trying to stand out, but creating more or better content isn’t necessarily the answer.

If you have nothing constructive and helpful to share with your digital followers it’s better not to say anything. Therefor your followers will look forwards to content as and when you share. Stay strong and your followers will respect and enjoy your content.

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