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by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+

There is no point having a website good or bad, if your website marketing means customers are not finding it. There are many online marketing methods to create traffic to your website these can include the following:

Great Top 5 Keywords, No. of Website Back-links, Contact Information Accessibility, Mobile and Tablet Accessibility, W3c Validation Errors,Google Maps entry, Canonical Errors, Social Media Links

Here at friendly consultancy we will carry out a website review of your website, generating a report with possible website marketing suggestions for you to increase traffic to your website via online marketing. Simply complete the form below and we will complete a free website review of your website. Our comprehensive website review is only £9.99 which is refundable should you engage any of our services. We recently updated our website and we use the website review to audit the process. Take a look at the last review we carried out, giving us action points to work on.

Is your website working have it reviewed for only £9.99

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For more information about online marketing

Creating Traffic

Internet marketing creates traffic through a large variety of online mediums.

  • Banner Ads – Placed on websites that potential clients will frequent. For example, an ad for bell bottoms on a disco fan page.
  • Social MediaTwitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc. Pages geared towards your potential clients.
  • Online Videos – Just like commercials in the normal market, if online videos are popular more people will visit your site.
  • Search Engine Rankings – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to increase your ranking on sites like Google. The top ranked site gets most of the hits, the second gets about half as many as the first, the third gets half as many as the second, and so on.
  • Google AdWords – Small ads that appear next to the organic search results on Google.

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