Website Design and Website Marketing

Friendly Consultancy of Derby integrate our knowledge of online marketing when designing your website. Our website design services and pricing structure remain completely transparent, this means you always know exactly what you’re getting at what cost without hidden fees. Gone are the days were you could simply build a website and sit back and wait for people to visit it. What is the point of having a stunning well designed website if no potential customers can find it. We can provide you with a website that is designed to be found by the key search engines and then provide ongoing support to keep it at the forefront of customer searches.

All our website design work meets the standard set out by the W3 Consortium (W3c), meaning all of our programming is carefully hand coded in the UK and all files are optimised for best performance. We use a combination of programming languages and development tools to ensure we deliver the best results every time.

Static Website Design
Our website design service includes Web Hosting, Free Domain Name Registration and company Email Addresses. We can then provide online marketing to ensure your website is visible in the key search engines. Utilising a combination of social media marketing, SEO management, and Google adwords management to make sure your website is visible to your targeting audience.

Content Management Website Design
We provide complete Content Management Solutions (CMS) which allow you complete control over your website and its content, interactivity with your visitors and the ability to network your business with the use of many of the plugins available. We can then either manage the content and online marketing of your website, or alternatively provide you with comprehensive training to allow you to manage the content of your website. This form of website is highly rated by Google when creating regular current content thus increasing your organic listing.

website designE-Commerce Website Design
Our Online Shop Solution (E-Commerce) is the best way to start trading online, manage your stock, upload a whole catalogue and automate the order process.

Whatever your needs, we would like to hear from you. If you currently have a website design and your not sure if your existing website is working consider our website design review. We can then discuss possible website design solutions to provide you with a website that meets your business objectives. Alternatively if you would like to take advantage of our online marketing services, which utilises Facebook  marketing, Google advertising, video marketing, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Already have a website? Then use the following to make sure your website is delivering the right first impression of your business.

Ensure your business log is polished and professional, now a great logo can be designed for a very small cost, your logo is a vital part of your brand communication. Ensure that it is a high resolution image and can be seen on every page and links back to your home page.

Minimise the amount of navigation and menu’s people will leave your page rather than trying to find out where they need to go. Put less important links at the bottom of the pages.

Less is often more especially as more and more visits will be via a mobile devise. Ensure that you are not overloading a visitor with too much information.

Call to actions and steer the customer journey. Put yourself in the mind of your customers and look at where they would like to go and steer them in that direction.

Keep paragraphs to five to six lines maximum to retain the visitors interest.

Do not be afraid to add space as both a design element and to allow information to sink in.

The psychological impact of colour is often over looked when designing a website.

If you would like impartial support and advice on how to improve your website feel free to give us a call on 01332 410005