You will read, hear and be told by any marketing consultant that knows what they are doing that that video content is crucial for helping your business grow in the digital age. However, what you create is still important and always consider the objective of your video. What do you want it to achieve?

A couple of years ago you may have got away with no videos to promote your business but now more and more people are viewing your content on a mobile device and prefer to receive your message via video.

Video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia don’t take data analytics lightly. They really want to help businesses or personal video producers get their insights. Even the old faithful’s like Facebook and twitter understand the importance of video and provide excellent analytics

Keep in mind that YouTube is a free video hosting website, while Vimeo and Wistia are more dedicated to business videos. You need to identify which is used by your audience and why before you create your video content.

Each provide significant amounts of data that creators, businesses, and anyone who uses video as a part of their business need.

These features are behavioural analytics which you can use to see various aspects of your video content’s performance.

Why are features like watch time, retention, demographic, and traffic sources advantageous? Not only do they allow you to monitoring the impact your video is having on your target audience but will also help you decide the style and content of your next video.


Your audience chooses with their heart and justifies with their mind.

The purpose of embedding emotional value into video content is not merely to make the audience feel sad, happy, surprised or any other emotion.

Emotionally relatable videos also have a better chance of being shared by viewers.

The ALS ice bucket challenge was one of the biggest charity campaigns ever. In total, the campaign raised more than $115 million in charitable donations. Amazing what a simple video concept can do?


The main reason that you should adapt to using video content is really simple: the trend demands you do it. As a society, we are relying less and less on the written word and more on video. I see it more and more when I teach. Even at University I get asked if there are videos to watch instead of a book. If you want to compete in an ever-increasing competitive world then you need to consider a variety of video content.

Now I am the first to say that it’s good to be different from your competition, but being different doesn’t always mean being useful. Better to be different to stand out from the crowd, follow the video trend, but you do it much better than others. That way you can tackle any competitor that comes your way.

The key points are:

  • Video content gives you more insight into your audience’s behavior in relation to your video.
  • You can create and publish your video with today’s available technology in tons of different ways.
  • With search engines being in charge of the majority of information streams these days, video is a prime booster for your brand’s discovery by other.

Share your thoughts on why you think video content is so popular right now?


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