Transforming Twitter Engagement into Lead Generation

Find Potential Leads

The first step to lead generation is finding your target audience on Twitter. Where are they located and what are they talking about? For brick and mortar brands, you can geo-target and find conversations based on what city or post code they are located.

Regardless of industry, there are streams of conversations taking place real-time every day that present opportunities for brands to take advantage of. I have seen local restaurants, electronic repair shops, real estate brands, and much more be able to find potential leads and convert. People are literally tweeting “what’s a good restaurant?” “does anyone know someone who fixes phone?” or “going apartment-hunting” every day. Brands who find these conversations first will have the advantage over their competitors on social media.

social media market with friendly consultancy

Join the Conversation and Add Value

This is the most important step. Join the conversation and add real value. When you find people with high potential, do not just tweet them a link to your website and give them a spammy sales pitch. Instead, be social, build a relationship with them and try to make a positive impression. The screenshot below represents a real example of this.

Identify a Need

When engaging into real-time conversations on Twitter, it is important to identify a need somewhere in the conversation. Good social media marketers are great at this. The key to identifying needs comes down to asking the right questions or having call-to-actions. Below is an example of real estate property for students using a call-to-action in their tweet to gauge interest in their property.

Offer a solution and direct to a landing page or form

Now it is time to take a conversation that originated on social media and transform it into lead generation. There are various ways to do this, such as having contests, promotional discounts, and incentivizing people to take the next steps in your sales cycle. One way that we found to be very effective is to direct interested prospects to a landing page. (Though you should not direct people to your landing page until they have shown a sincere interest what you have to offer.)

Here’s how simple it is:

1) Offer an incentive or direct them to your form or landing page to redeem.

2) Keep the form as short as possible

3) Repeat every day and generate a strong pipeline of leads.

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