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Internet Marketing Is Normal Marketing Marketing is simply a way of getting your message across to a large amount of people. The more people receive your message, the higher your chances of making a sale. Internet marketing works much the same way, using the resources of the internet to spread your message to the most […]Continue Reading


Facebook Marketing Strategy, four easy steps. Do you have a Facebook marketing strategy? Is your Facebook marketing is working? If you don’t have a strategy with goals in place for your Facebook Page, you won’t know if you are getting a return on your social media efforts! It is important that your Facebook marketing and […]Continue Reading


Friendly Consultancy supporting nono8 bar with the management of their marketing. We will be providing support and implementation of their marketing. In addition we will lead on projects deemed suitable. Currently we undertake all online marketing from content management of website to management of social media channels. We audit the effectiveness of their marketing tactics […]Continue Reading


Facebook now supports hashtags From July of 2013, Facebook will supports hashtags, similar to twitter it will allow users to find and follow popular and topical conversations on the site. Google+ and Twitter, two of Facebook’s rivals in the world of social media, , have already incorporated hashtagging into their sites. Facebook affiliate Instagram, the […]Continue Reading


Email Marketing How to start the email marketing journey with your customers How you welcome customers or mailing list sign-ups really does make a difference to how your brand message is perceived. With email marketing it is important to make your ‘Hello’ good enough to hopefully form a relationship with your customer that will lead […]Continue Reading


social media marketing , a possible solution: Gamification Gamification: Using Rewards to Push Interaction via social media marketing One marketing term you may have heard mentioned in recent years is ‘Gamification’, but what is it and how can it be used to increase customer interaction with your brand? What is Gamification? Gamification uses online games […]Continue Reading


Marketing services from Friendly Consultancy Some of the great marketing services at friendly consultancy. We are here to ensure marketing works for you and your business. Unconscious incompetent is that you and your business? Outsourced Marketing – A cost effective extra pair of hands, no long term commitment that can be worked into your campaign […]Continue Reading


Digital Marketing Helping you to make sense of the web. Friendly Consultancy specialise in helping businesses to make sense of digital marketing and internet marketing to create the online presence they need. Friendly Consultancy can plug the gap in your current team on an interim or long term basis. Outsourcing can offer a cost-effective and […]Continue Reading


Marketing Management though Communication Management Comminucation is king when it comes to marketing. Almost however you look at it, marketing management comes down to ensuring your comminication with your customers and competitors is 100%. We can help you with many aspects of your marketing communication from auditing your existing offering, to providing marketing management support […]Continue Reading


Mukky Duck are the Number 1 student night Derby and aim to be the top ten student night in the UK. Mukky Duck have instructed friendly consultancy to provide marketing mentoring with regards to short term social media goals and medium brand awareness goals. Long term the aim is to identify brand values and move the brand into a national student brand.Continue Reading