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How to say sorry via digital media We support and help many customers with various aspects of their marketing. One of the issues that repeats itself is dealing with a mistake. As part of our mentoring programme we are there to help them with this on an individual case basis. If you prefer you can […]Continue Reading


Are you advertising on social media? Do you want more attention for your social media ads? The way you design your ad impacts how much attention it gets with social media. How Attraction Works Each second, your senses are bombarded by over two billion bits of data. The only thing that keeps your brain from being […]Continue Reading


As many businesses and marketers are well aware, successful digital marketing requires that your content generates social media engagement. Many mistake social media as just a forum for marketing, wrong it also acts as an extension of your business and its culture. Regardless of the social media platform you opt to use, it is important […]Continue Reading


Identifying which tools are right for you requires a clear definition of your business and marketing objectives. Some are real-time, highly customized dashboards that enable you to manage multiple accounts, use shared work spaces, and respond on multiple social networks with one click. Others are simple, effective, and lightweight, and provide the right amount of […]Continue Reading


As potentially power full as social media can be, always remember it is about people and the majority of people like to be treated with respect. You should have clear social media marketing objectives and goals, otherwise how do you know it is working? These numbers are important but the rate of change is the […]Continue Reading


What businesses need to know about Facebook reach. by Paul Friend find me on google+ You may have seen a drop in your Facebook performance? Would you like more of your Facebook fans to see your updates? For this you need to be able to analyse and understand Facebook reach. We will help explain what […]Continue Reading


How to Create Written Content that Generates Leads by Paul Friend find me on google+ Do you need more leads? Are you looking for creative ways to use your blog content to improve your conversion process? We will hopefully show you how to identify and patch the weaker part of your funnel by writing the […]Continue Reading


New Google Analytics Features for Marketers. by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Do you use Google Analytics to help you make marketing decisions? If not why not? Google are constantly changing their product Google Analytics are you familiar with their latest changes. Google recently made the switch to secure search, […]Continue Reading


Increase your social media following and grow your audience! by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Why do you use social media? Do you use social media to build an audience for your business? Are you wondering how you can convert your audience into customers? When we talk to businesses about […]Continue Reading


Social Media Platforms Optimizing Your Keywords by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Social media has given a range of channels to allow people to connect across the globe.  Some would argue that social media is one, if not the best, ways people stay in touch, communicate, and outreach with one […]Continue Reading