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Digital marketing the skills you need to have to succeed. We receive more and more requests for help and support in the world of digital marketing; we completely understand the importance of this medium for small businesses. We often review the skills we believe are needed to stay sharp in this fast paced medium. One […]Continue Reading


In this modern world of the internet it is vital that your business can not only be found but also stands out from the crowded world of the web. Are you aware of all the tools that are available to you? As with most business functions, not only do they need to be carried out, […]Continue Reading


Twitter chat to generate leads by Paul Friend find me on google+ Twitter chats are frequently scheduled discussions hosted by a Twitter account. Each chat uses a particular hashtag so that other Twitter users can follow the conversation even though topics change with each discussion. Because of the focused audience communities that participate in Twitter […]Continue Reading


Boost Your Lead Generation With Social Media by Paul Friend find me on google+ We have researched the internet to bring you three ways you  can increase and track qualified leads via social media. Obviously if you feel you do not have the management time to carry this out please get in touch. What’s the […]Continue Reading


How to Create Written Content that Generates Leads by Paul Friend find me on google+ Do you need more leads? Are you looking for creative ways to use your blog content to improve your conversion process? We will hopefully show you how to identify and patch the weaker part of your funnel by writing the […]Continue Reading


What Is Considered A ‘Good’ CTR? by Paul Friend find me on google+ Here at Friendly Consultancy in light of changes to both Google and Facebook we are carrying out research into a mixture of paid and organic marketing. We found the following article which we are using as a reference point but wanted to […]Continue Reading


New Google Analytics Features for Marketers. by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Do you use Google Analytics to help you make marketing decisions? If not why not? Google are constantly changing their product Google Analytics are you familiar with their latest changes. Google recently made the switch to secure search, […]Continue Reading


Social Media Tips to Enhance Your Profile. by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ We have looked at various LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, social media forums and the like to bring you some tips for your profile. Too busy to carry them out, then you know who can undertake the work […]Continue Reading


Improve your website marketing with a website review from Friendly Consultancy by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ There is no point having a website good or bad, if your website marketing means customers are not finding it. There are many online marketing methods to create traffic to your website these […]Continue Reading


Social Media Platforms Optimizing Your Keywords by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Social media has given a range of channels to allow people to connect across the globe.  Some would argue that social media is one, if not the best, ways people stay in touch, communicate, and outreach with one […]Continue Reading