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Use Facebook to Sell Your Products and Services by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby Are you managing your online marketing management through leveraging the power of Facebook to sell your products and services? Have you considered, if you should start a store on Facebook! Many businesses are improving their online marketing management by using […]Continue Reading


Useful Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketing by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby Are you spending more time each day using your smartphone or iPad? Looking for some cool apps to simplify your work and life? According to a recent study by Flurry, consumers spent 81 minutes per day using mobile apps, compared to […]Continue Reading


6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Mobile Social Mobile Marketing by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby. There is a good chance that your customers and prospects are wandering around with smart phones? Do you want to tap into social mobile marketing? Leveraging the power of mobile apps that are already installed on many people’s […]Continue Reading


Marketing Management with Friendly Consultancy by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby Friendly Consultancy offers a range of cost effective marketing management and consultancy services. We are available by the hour, day or week to come and assist your business. Our staff, have up to date knowledge along with years in business and can help […]Continue Reading


The Costs of SEO Services by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can come with a wide range of prices when offered as a professional service. SEO involves optimizing a website to give it a better chance of ranking high on specific key terms used in an online search. If you’ve […]Continue Reading


Internet Marketing Is Normal Marketing Marketing is simply a way of getting your message across to a large amount of people. The more people receive your message, the higher your chances of making a sale. Internet marketing works much the same way, using the resources of the internet to spread your message to the most […]Continue Reading


A fantastic article on Social Media marketing on linkedin this morning here are some top tips. As always we like to share the knowledge if you do not have time to implement it give us a call or drop us an email. 1. start by reading a book introducing the concept of sme branding 2. […]Continue Reading


Facebook now supports hashtags From July of 2013, Facebook will supports hashtags, similar to twitter it will allow users to find and follow popular and topical conversations on the site. Google+ and Twitter, two of Facebook’s rivals in the world of social media, , have already incorporated hashtagging into their sites. Facebook affiliate Instagram, the […]Continue Reading