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Marketing services from Friendly Consultancy Some of the great marketing services at friendly consultancy. We are here to ensure marketing works for you and your business. Unconscious incompetent is that you and your business? Outsourced Marketing – A cost effective extra pair of hands, no long term commitment that can be worked into your campaign […]Continue Reading


Digital Marketing Helping you to make sense of the web. Friendly Consultancy specialise in helping businesses to make sense of digital marketing and internet marketing to create the online presence they need. Friendly Consultancy can plug the gap in your current team on an interim or long term basis. Outsourcing can offer a cost-effective and […]Continue Reading


Marketing Why is marketing management so important? No matter the size of your organisation, it needs cost effective marketing management to create growth. Marketing and marketing management is how your business connects with existing customers and how you attract new ones. Marketing in its simplest form is about communication, sending out the right message through […]Continue Reading