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Facebook Story Bumping…the story so far. by Paul Friend As you may be aware last year Facebook changed their algorithm. This created lots of confusion amongst Facebook page owners, and Facebook marketing managers who were left scratching their heads as previously popular content seemed bereft of engagement and other content seemed to zoom up and […]Continue Reading


Whilst I was researching the latest happenings I came across a couple of articles that are speculating that Facebook be getting ready to force businesses to pay for any post that is blatantly promotional in nature? Select people have been invited to take part in a Facebook survey. The objective is unclear but it looks […]Continue Reading


What businesses need to know about Facebook reach. by Paul Friend find me on google+ You may have seen a drop in your Facebook performance? Would you like more of your Facebook fans to see your updates? For this you need to be able to analyse and understand Facebook reach. We will help explain what […]Continue Reading


Facebook Advertising to generate leads by Paul Friend find me on google+ Running ads on Facebook can fulfill many different goals, one of which is generating leads from the right audience. Promoted Posts—an engaging form of Facebook advertising—highlight your content in the newsfeed of that audience. Promoted Posts generate more views of your content than […]Continue Reading


Social Media Strategy, Is Being Found Part Of Yours? by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ This is a fantastic article we found on the internet on why many business fail when it comes to achieving ROI on their social media marketing. To us it is about building on the basics […]Continue Reading


A social media sites directory list by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Whoever said social media was just about Facebook. Some of the names on the list will be recognizable, while others are just start-ups with great potential, and some are potentially coming to the end of their life cycle. […]Continue Reading


Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ We looked around the world of social media, and found the following social media marketing tips from the professionals around the world. If you are looking for the latest social media marketing tactics then this is a […]Continue Reading


Social Media this week with Friendly Consultancy. by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+ Social Media appears to be constantly changing in the channels and methods it uses to provide inbound marketing to businesses. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught […]Continue Reading


Facebook How businesses Should Respond to Story Bump by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby Are you wondering how to respond to the Facebook news feed changes? Have you figured out how Story Bump can help your content remain top of mind with Facebook fans? If you want to understand how these Facebook changes will […]Continue Reading


Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank and Exposure by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby Ever wonder why you can have 548 friends on Facebook, yet only 15-20 show up in your news feed? It’s not that those other friends have stopped using Facebook; chances are they’re still there. It’s just that they aren’t showing […]Continue Reading