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What are haters and why do people hate Haters are anybody who complains about a business either off stage or on stage as a hater. An off-stage hater is somebody who complains in private: on telephone and email. An on-stage hater is somebody who complains in public: social media, review sites, discussion boards and forums. Historically […]Continue Reading


How to say sorry via digital media We support and help many customers with various aspects of their marketing. One of the issues that repeats itself is dealing with a mistake. As part of our mentoring programme we are there to help them with this on an individual case basis. If you prefer you can […]Continue Reading


Plenty of people will think you’re “wrong” — but it’s more profitable to be “wrong” than to prove you’re right. When it comes to customer service sometimes it is better to think about the bigger picture. It’s often easier to say, “You are right, we are wrong.” Rather than fight with an unhappy customer, it’s […]Continue Reading