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The content marketing strategy framework We have reviewed several content marketing frameworks and pulled together the following steps. Depending on the size and scope of your company some steps will be straightforward others will take time to complete. Step 1: Company Research The first step in developing a content strategy framework is understanding the company. […]Continue Reading


Why content marketing is getting so difficult!   Whether you’re an individual blogger, working in a business or working for a brand, many niches are getting crowded with content and social media activity. This makes it very difficult to compete. Many have been sucked into the thought process of must produce content regardless of the […]Continue Reading


Reasons Content Marketing May Fail by Paul Friend Content marketing as with many marketing strategies is a result of marketing planning of which many businesses for whatever reason choose to skip over. In addition it cannot be undertaken in isolation from other elements of the marketing mix. It could be argued that it under pins […]Continue Reading