In this modern world of the internet it is vital that your business can not only be found but also stands out from the crowded world of the web. Are you aware of all the tools that are available to you? As with most business functions, not only do they need to be carried out, they also need to be managed to ensure you are getting the best out of your online marketing.

Website designed with search engine results in mind.
Finally content is now king when it comes to a website being found by the major search engines. The content needs to be relevant to your web traffic and current. With this in mind you should have a website designed that allows you to alter the content on a regular basis with a news page. The recent Google updates now place even more emphasis on quality content.

Online Marketing
Gone are the days where you could build a website and place it in google and sit back and wait for the sales leads to come in. Now you have to combine organic and paid online marketing to achieve the best results.

Social Media Marketing
This medium is all about content and engagement, giving your followers what they want to read. It is not all about sell, sell, sell. Hence the term inbound marketing came about. It is about identifying the needs and wants of your customers and providing a solution to those desires. As with online advertising a mixture of organic and paid activity often produces the best results.

Email Marketing
Often seen as no longer required due to the expansion of social media. However it is still a vital part of your online marketing strategy, as it allows you to communicate outside the market place, keeping your customers captured with content, offers, news and further features, designed just for them.

Video Marketing.
Youtube is one of the most visited sites within the web. No longer is it the place just for music videos. It is a great place to find out all sorts of information. Some companies are removing assembly instructions from their packaging and placing links to video instructions as an alternative. Reciepi ideas for particular ingredients are also increasing. Do not miss out on a great medium to promote your business and products and potential increase sales volume.

Do you have the time, the skill and the knowledge to maximise your business brand?

We will build you a content management website to allow you to edit content to make your website stand out from the crowd, and provide the above to ensure your business is being found on the internet. For further information call the team on 01332 410005

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