Social Media Tips to Enhance Your Profile.

by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+

We have looked at various LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, social media forums and the like to bring you some tips for your profile. Too busy to carry them out, then you know who can undertake the work for you.

When did you last revisit your social profile on Twitter or Facebook? Do you want to maximize the impact of your social networking efforts? Basic housekeeping tasks are necessary for maintaining complete and engaging profiles.

In this article, you’ll find 10 tips, with recommendations to help you get the most of your social network profiles. We will bring you further tips as and when we find them.

Keep Your Focus on Perfect Blog Post Titles.
A lot of time goes into the research and writing of your blog posts and one area that’s easy to overlook is the title of the piece. The Content Marketing Institute they spend “an average of 30 minutes per title in search of the absolute best wording. That adds up to a good chunk of time, but what’s the point of having an excellent blog post if its title won’t draw in traffic?” Title your posts with thoughtful keywords that will resonate with search engines and readers.

Link Your Content With Google Authorship.
Content is published at an astounding rate and it’s easy for your articles to get lost in the masses of results that show up in a search. Google Authorship links your content to your Google+ profile so that a photo is displayed next to your content in search results, along with a link to more of your relevant content. Optimize how your content appears in search engine results with Google Authorship.

Make Signing Up for Your Blog by Email Easy and Inviting.
Readers who discover specific blogs that they look forward to reading often want to receive updates about new articles right in their inbox. For example, over 30,000 people have signed up to have the latest Fossey Taylor articles delivered to them. Use a simple form that’s easy to complete and encourage readers to sign up for email updates about your new articles.

Nurture Your Blog Posts With Titles That Match Content.
Beyond the right words, blog titles create expectation about what the reader will find once they click on a link. Content that doesn’t match the title’s promise, or only offers a glorified sales pitch, will alienate readers and prompt them to click away. Once you’ve gained a reader’s attention, follow through on the promise of your title with content that delivers!

Optimize Your Social Presences.
As businesses add social profiles to their strategy at different times, it’s easy to create profiles that don’t share cohesive branding elements.

“First and foremost, you must make sure your presence is optimized. Make sure the bios/profiles for your social media accounts are complete and that they include clear and concise descriptions of your business, your company logo, and your website URL.” Schedule regular housekeeping checks of your social network presences to keep information, logos and images up to date.

Pack Your Social Media Markup Tags With Necessary Information.
“Social media optimization (SMO) is the new SEO.” KnowEm offers a free tool to analyze your SMO markup tags and help you find out where you can make improvements.

Quit Hiding Your Picture
Are you an egghead on Twitter? A bluehead on Google+? Faceless on Facebook and LinkedIn? Think of it this way: You go out in public every day, introduce yourself to people you’ve just met and give them the benefit of associating a face to a name. That shouldn’t be any different on social networking sites.

“Your face or logo is important. It shows who you are and that you’re real. Beyond coming up in the search more often, you’re also going to give members that trust factor that is often missing from social networks. This picture is important. It should give other members a good representation of you.” Load your picture to the profile image on each of your social networks to help people recognize the public face of your business.

Ramp Up Your Social Network Profile Bios
Often, businesses pay an incredible amount of attention to the visual elements of their social profiles and forget to complete the bio portions. Your bio should tell prospects what your company does and what benefits you deliver, leverage keywords while still offering prospects a compelling reason to engage, provide a free offer (e.g., download, trial, etc.), include a link to a landing page with a targeted message instead of your homepage, be visual and make every word in your bio work hard. Review your social bios every three months to ensure they’re in line with your current value proposition.

Select Prominent Places for Social Network Links
Have you ever landed on a website and had to hunt around to see whether the business has social networking pages? Some are buried down deep in the navigation structure, or even placed under something like the “About Us” page. While there’s not really a tried-and-true de facto place that people adhere to, some businesses gravitate to the upper-right corner of their home page, some to the bottom of the page. Take a look around at other sites in your industry. Where are your prospects likely to expect to find your social networks? If you want customers to find you on social networks, put your social network icons and links in a prominent place (or two) on your website.

Tell Users About All of Your Social Presences
Coming on the heels of, don’t forget to update your website with icons and links for new social networks as you integrate them into your strategy.


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