Social Media Marketing Management too important to not get right!

Social Media marketing is not going to go away, and the first thing you need to do is not to ignore this media. If managed correctly it is too powerful a marketing resource to ignore. Here at Friendly Consultancy we understand you have marketing budgets, hence why we provide a cost effective alternative for social media marketing and think outside the box.

The second thing you need is a plan. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? It’s amazing though how many businesses launch into social media marketing without a plan, fumbling along from one status update to another. Friendly Consultancy have numerous options when considering a social media marketing programme. Remember your social media plan is about relationship building and takes time. Remember to consider all the channels when planning your social media marketing, there is more to consider than just Facebook and Twitter. Finding which channels are best for your business is key to any strategy. Since most of the main channels  have commercial pages, we can work with you to create a vision and a provable presence that generates communication.

From very early on we’ve encouraged our clients to niche their presence on social media, this is addition to having a central brand presence, involves setting up each of their key products or services with individual pages. Our clients now enjoy reaching hundreds of thousands of fans, who can be targeted with specific offers by product, but who also see the national advertising and branding too. The best of both worlds.

Friendly Consultancy have found that many companies lack the skill, knowledge, passion or time to manage their social media marketing proactively, commercially and effectively. They see other businesses with social media marketing activity and run before they can walk.

We  provide a solution to the problem of business getting in the way of you doing everything, by generating sales, building a brand, marketing your business, delivering the product or service, finding customers… the list goes on.

This is why our tailored Social Media Management solutions appeal to so many of our clients. If you consider the main providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkin, within each of these there are elements that you need to consider.

Friendly Consultancy can take away all the stress, time management issues and daily business marketing challenges you have and provide you with a strategic direction, structure for your social media campaigns and a comprehensive action plan that will create results for your business.

We start with a blank page, you can have a social media presence managed by us for as little as £60 per month.

Our flexible approach means that you can commission us for a one-off strategy and consultancy session or a full review to get you back on track or a more comprehensive package program that runs over a period of time, offering hand-on, honest and professional advice as and when you need it.

Social Media Marketing is an ideal medium for brand building and in certain fields lends itself very well to sales.


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