A social media sites directory list

by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+

Whoever said social media was just about Facebook. Some of the names on the list will be recognizable, while others are just start-ups with great potential, and some are potentially coming to the end of their life cycle. Not all will be useful to your business, but it might be wise to research or at the very least register your business on them.

Social Network Sites

  1. Facebook – No need for introductions. The largest social networking site on Planet Earth minus the fake 80+ million users.
  2. LinkedIn – Social Network site geared towards employment networking. They do have premium memberships so here’s your chance to buy friendships.
  3. Google + – Google’s current attempt to get social. You can create video “hangouts” and do video conferencing. If you have an android based phone, touchpad, you pretty much have a Google + account whether you like or not.
  4. MySpace – Originally geared towards bands, musicians, and artists. No longer as popular because of Facebook, but teenagers still hang out there. Are teenagers a customer base of your business?
  5. MeetUp – Create local meetup and meetings based on different interests and hobbies. A great way to engage with like minded customers and conduct informal focus groups and develop product positioning.
  6. Foursquare – Social networking based on your location.  Get reviews and recommendations on places you check into plus get points, badges, and rewards. A very underused site by many retailers and bars, gives a free platform to offer promotions.
  7. Tagged – A social networking site that claims to have over 300 million users and 20 million monthly visitors. Tagged also owns hi5.
  8. Bebo – Originally bought by AOL for over $850 Million in 2008 in hopes of competing with Facebook.  Later sold to another company for undisclosed amount, which was speculated less than $10 Million.
  9. Orkut.com – A social networking and discussion site operated by Google.
  10. Ecademy.com – A business social network site geared towards entreprenuers with 3 different membership levels. Cost ranges from free, to £97 a month. Looks like a UK based company.

Social Micro Blogging Sites

  1. Twitter – Like they say, birds of a feature flock together! Everyone still seems to be curious about what other people are #Tweeting about. #friendlyconsultancy
  2. FriendFeed – You can make a customized RSS feed of photos, videos, links and share it with a group of friends.

Build Your Own Social Groups and Social Community Sites

  1. Ning – Users can create their own niche social communities.
  2. Yahoo Groups – Forums have been around for years, but Yahoo Groups happens to be one of the more popular groups.

Social Micro Video Blogging Sites

  1. Tout – Instead of tweeting works, you have 15 seconds of short video clips that can be shared among FB, Twitter, etc. Not sure if this will ever get Twitter recognition.
  2. Stickham – Started in 2005, this was originally video broadcasting but now has group chats, and shuffle options. You can have longer than 15 second vids.

Social Video Sharing Sites

  1. YouTube – The largest video sharing site on the planet. Claims to also be the 2nd largest search engine even though it’s not a search engine.
  2. Metacafe – Claimed to be the first and only entertainment destination solely dedicated to showcasing the best short-form videos from the world of Movies, Video Games, TV, Music and Sports – programmed for today’s young male Entertainment Drivers.
  3. Blip.TV – Video Sharing Site that also allows you to watch full movies and shows online. Too bad it’s blocked by the Chinese government since 2007 and also blocked by Turkey in 2011.
  4. Dailymotion – A French video sharing site. The current valuation for the company is approximately 120 Million Euros.
  5. Break – You can find some of the funniest videos ever on Break.com. They focus on finding hilarious content. That’s their niche.
  6. Vimeo – Social video sharing site that gets about 65 million visitors monthly. Founded in 2004.
  7. Screen.Yahoo – Yahoo’s video site with exclusive yahoo video content. Most of the content is from either Yahoo or curated from other video sites.
  8. Veoh – You can search videos easily by language, length of video, and subtitles.
  9. Myvideo.De – Large German Video Sharing Site. I didn’t want to exclude our German friends!
  10. Liveleak – Liveleak places emphasis on current events, politics and reality-based footage such as war scenes from various parts of the world.[1]
  11. Funnyordie – Will Farrell is part owner of this site. Designed for up and coming comedians and celebrity stars that want to add funny videos.  They have exclusive celebrity videos you can’t find anywhere else.
  12. Dalealplay – Popular video sharing site from Spain. Muy Caliente!
  13. Viddler – Online video platform for businesses with monthly fees starting at $50, $100, and more.

Social Movie Streaming Sites

  1. NetFlix – The largest and first video streaming company. They still offer dvd rentals through the mail. The company that disrupted the way Blockbuster and other movie rental companies ran business.  Users can provide ratings for movies that they watched.  Currently £4.99a month for membership.
  2. Hulu – Instant streaming of videos you can watch free content and shows on their site.

Social Web Streaming Sites

  1. Ustream.TV – Free Live Video Streaming Site. Premium membership is only $3.99 a month. A must if you have a cool trendy bar and want people to see what they are missing.
  2. EarthCam – See Live streaming of places worldwide from Las Vegas to New York to France.
  3. DimDim – Now acquired by SalesForce.com

Social Blogging Sites

  1. WordPress.com / WordPress.org  – One of the largest if not the largest free social blogging sites on the planet. Tens of thousands of wordpress plugins are available at your disposal.
  2. Blogger – Google owned social blogging platform.
  3. Tumblr – This social blogging site is not picking up steam and getting tremendous traffic and bloggers.
  4. Posterous – Started in July 2008 and recently acquired by Twitter. You can syndicate your posts to all of the other popular social networks.
  5. Typepad – A fee based blogging platform starting at $8.95, $14.95, and $29.95 a month.
  6. LiveJournal – Another social blogging platform and networking site popular with US and Russian users.
  7. Squidoo – Started by Seth Godin in 2003 an was originally popular, but has lost steam lately. You can create Lenes and share advertising revenue.

Social Event Planning

  1. EventBrite – Not only can you create free events for people to attend, you can also charge for them as well.  Anything from fundraisers, trainings, to concerts.  Very cool concept. A fantastic tool when used correctly and creatively.

Social Radio Sharing Sites

  1. BlogTalkRadio – Create podcasts and live radio shows.

Social Music Sharing Sites

  1. Spotify – Stream or listen to music online for a monthly subscription.  You can now listen free with iphone or android.
  2. Last.FM – Last.fm is a music recommendation service. You use Last.fm by signing up and downloading “The Scrobbler”, which helps you discover more music based on the songs you play.

Social Media Sharing Sites

  1. Esnips – Upload, Share, & Download is their slogan. With over 9 Million users, sharing is caring… lol

Social Picture Sharing Sites

  1. Instagram – Recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. It looks like instagram is the only social photo sharing site that is growing by traffic stats.
  2. Flickr – Share Your Pictures and leave comments on others. Free photo hosting. Currently a little more popular than Photobucket, but traffic stats are declining.
  3. Photobucket – Originally started in 2003, then got bought out a couple of times. Overall traffic and popularity for photo sharing sites are on the decline. This is primarily due to Facebook and others allowing you unlimited photo albums.

Social Pet Sharing Sites

  1. Dogster –You can show off your dog and share videos. May the most talented dog win! Do you have a dog grooming business?
  2. Cuteness – Social pet community. All animals are welcome here? Are you in business serving animals and not on here?

Social Job Sites

  1. GlassDoor – Great site that shows what previous and current employees have to say about their company and job positions. Get insider knowledge of the company’s payscale.
  2. Jobs-Salary – Another site that shows pay salary and company reviews from users.

Social Games Online

  1. Zynga – Popular games like Znga poker, Farmville, etc. started online with Facebook. Estimated 30% of Facebook’s revenue is from Znga.  The games can also be played on mobile devices.
  2. Friendster – A popular Social Gaming site.

Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. Pinterest – The hottest visual social bookmarking site currently.  Tons of photos and infographics can be found here.
  2. Delicious – One of my favorite sites for researching what other people are bookmarking.
  3. StumpleUpon – A social discovery site where you can find interesting and popular sites, photos, and more.

Social News Websites

  1. ConvertLikes.com – This site is a great website giving you top social media news, strategies, and tools so you can be more social.
  2. Digg – Was hugely popular several years ago until they upgraded their platform, which didn’t get any traction.
  3. Reddit – Another site similar to Digg, where you can rank and rate various topics from social news, comments, website links, and more.
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