Reasons Content Marketing May Fail
by Paul Friend

Content marketing as with many marketing strategies is a result of marketing planning of which many businesses for whatever reason choose to skip over. In addition it cannot be undertaken in isolation from other elements of the marketing mix. It could be argued that it under pins many aspects of the marketing mix, being an extension of any marketing communication strategy. Businesses sit and wonder why their content marketing plan fails to deliver the promised Holy Grail that they have read it can produce. Content marketing normally fails due to some of the reasons listed below:

You believed in the biggest misconception about Content Marketing to be a truth.
Numerous companies invest in content marketing with the wrong assumption that if they simply publish content, customers will click on their links and buy from them. In reality, the journey we expect people to take interacting with out content marketing by human nature isn’t completely predictable. It’s important to offer content and conversion opportunities, but just as important to know the journey to conversion could be reached in a lot of different ways, anticipated or otherwise.

You generated content without anybody to see it.
Just because you create “good” content does not mean that it will spread “virally.” Rather than expecting your content to go viral, focus the objective of the content you are creating and the specific audience that you believe will support and amplify your content.

You invested in content creation, but not in its amplification
The best method to promote and share your content depends on your audience and the medium they use to receive your content. Therefore, you should invest in researching and identifying how your audience discovers, accesses, and interacts with content online and make sure you are promoting your content accordingly.

You ignored content’s most powerful channel: SEO
The easier it is for people to find you via a search engine, the more likely you’ll get people to engage with your content. In addition, as content on a site earns links, it helps every other page on that domain rank better in search engines, too.

You gave up way too soon
Many make the mistake in thinking content marketing is a short term solution. Content marketing is a long term investment. It is very rare that a single post will provide immediate returns. It takes time to grow your online community and for your content to appear in the top page in SERPs. The key is to not give up before you content has had time to mature.

Do you agree or disagree?

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