Ask Fans to Show Their Love for Your Products

Can you ask your followers to generate the content for you? Most people have some narcissism inside of them, just look at viral content like the ice bucket challenge. A user-generated content (UGC) campaign is all about asking for and sharing your customers’ content. People love taking photos and videos of the stuff they love, so treat each sharer like a brand ambassador. You can theme or guide the content or just let it happen and see what your followers would like to share. Normally you have to give them an initial idea or push.

Whether customers are wearing, using, or just chatting about your products, their photos and videos can showcase your products in an authentic way and help you reach a wider audience. UGC also gives current customers new ideas for using your products and helps inspire prospects to make a purchase.

Do not be shy, the best way to get UGC is to come right out and ask for it. For example, you might offer fans an incentive to post photos, such as a giveaway contest where people need to take a photo with your product to enter. You could also offer a special discount for fans who share their photos on Facebook using your campaign hashtag. It’s all about letting fans know you want to share their content.

This strategy applies to many of the social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even YouTube.


Demonstrate Creative Ways to Use Your Products

Recent research shows that 62% of customers say they want content from brands that shows how to use their products. You can satisfy that need and share some creative ideas for your products with video. However rather than you make the content ask your followers to become famous and get them to create the content for you. Once again you could offer an incentive to the best or quirky video.

You do not need to worry about production values with videos, more and more brands are switching to honest real life videos. Alternatively, you could get your employees to make the videos and ask them to speak frankly and humorously about your products or services.

In your own videos, you can simply show your products and explain how to use them. You might also demonstrate how other people have used them (incorporating UGC) and give valuable and inspirational lifestyle tips that fit with your product line.



Incentivize Word-of-mouth Referrals

Customer referrals are one of the best ways to reach people who share common interests with your current customers.

If you want to start a loyalty program for your business, consider a program that allows you to reward a variety of customer actions (likes, shares, tagging a friend etc). Of course the whole point is to gain new customers, ensure you are able to reward customers for referring friends to your business.

Look for a loyalty program that allows you to reward customers for sharing your products and bringing in referrals on Facebook.

With a loyalty program, you can reward those who make a referral, and give a discount to their friends who take action through the shared link and make a purchase.

If you don’t have the budget or time to build your own program, there are third-party developers, that make it easy to create one.

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Build Trust With Ratings and Reviews

If you’ve already built a great following on your Facebook page, don’t be afraid to ask your fans for a rating or review on your page. Just be sure to do it in a non-intrusive way and without offering incentives, better to have a real honest review.

Even just a few 5-star ratings can do a lot for your reputation and improve your search engine results. Reviews can show up in search results when people are searching for more information about your business. That’s especially important when most shoppers are doing their research and say that reviews have an impact on purchase decisions

Remember to thank everyone for their review.



These tips will help you build trust, grow your audience, and increase overall brand engagement. So start planning a new video, collecting UGC that highlight what you’re selling and why it’s useful to your customers.c

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