“Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic.” Is your business using Pinterest?

We have been watching Pinterest for a while now and really enjoy discovering new things about the platform as well as ways to help businesses grow. We have researched some of the latest findings from the world of digital marketing and want to share with you.

Let us start with some pinterest statistics:

  • There are 70 million active users on Pinterest
  • 23% of Pinterest users use the platform at least once a day (that’s probably your customers)
  • Women make up approximately 80% of pinners and post 92% of all pins on the site. (looking for gifts for partners maybe?)
  • Fun fact: L.L. Bean is the most followed brand on Pinterest with over 5 million followers..the kicker, it only has 29 boards! Quality over quantity.

Research has shown that the content and images you pin to Pinterest have a much longer lifespan than Twitter or Facebook. You can pin something today and a new contact can still find it weeks from now assuming you have done a good job of optimizing your pin!

A Few Secrets on Secret Boards

What happens when you make a secret board public? Will it flood your followers’ feeds?

A question that stumped us was ‘What happens when you make a secret board public?’ Would all those pins suddenly flood your followers’ feeds? We are happy to report from Pinterest itself that they will NOT flood followers’ feeds but any pins going forward will appear. Whew!

The Best Times

Are you Pinning at the Best Times?

We spent hours looking into what many people consider to be the best times and days of the week to pin and we identified the following:

Saturday (is that a surprise?), Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-1am or 2pm to 4pm.

However this should only be a starting point for your business. Remember, each Pinterest campaign is different and depends on your followers and who you are trying to target. The above information is a good gauge to get you started, but your analytics are what will determine how you should continue. Remember to review and monitor your stats often.

Consider when people are in front of their computers and have time for Pinterest. After 7:00 p.m. works well. Think when are you on Pinterest?

Save Pins You Find for Optimal Pinning Times

Pin now to pin later? Yep, that’s right, Pinterest needs a little management. To avoid pinning at less than optimal times of the day as mentioned above, pin to a secret board when you have the time and then come back later when you know your followers are pinning and pin to a relevant public board.

You won’t get a notification if someone repins your pin to a secret board.

Check out this great video from Cynthia Sanchez at ‘Oh So Pinteresting’ for an example of how to use a secret board and what she does to make sure the people she pins from get notified, even when she pins to secret boards.


Hashtags, to use them or not to use them? That is the question. We say use them in moderation! Hashtags are useful and a good idea on Pinterest as long as they are relevant to the specific pin and not overused where it may look spammy.

Fun tip: Hashtags are only clickable on Pinterest when used in a pin description, not the board title or board description.

Pinterest Search Results

So what do the search results look like when you click on a hashtag (let’s say #homedecor)? You will mostly see pins with that same hashtag but you may also see a few that do not have #homedecor anywhere in the description. Why is that? This is because Pinterest will also pull any pins that have “home decor” in its link/URL as well. This is something to remember when naming images or blog post URLs that may end up on Pinterest.

Search Content Pinned From Your Site

Do you Know how to find content being pinned from your site?

This is a great little trick that I think everyone should be doing. You simply replace the “yourwebsite” part of this URL “http://www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com” with your business URL for instance http://www.pinterest.com/source/friendlyconsultancy.co.uk/ You can see what people have recently pinned from your site. Use this to engage, comment and thank pinners for sharing your content.

Quick Tips:

  • Make sure you are watching your notifications and engaging with your followers
  • It’s okay to repin old content/pins so that new followers are exposed
  • Don’t be afraid to integrate your Pinterest account with other social networks
  • Keep your boards and pins organized and categorized
  • Join community or group boards – a great way to be exposed to new followers

What to Expect from Pinterest this Month?

As many of you have probably heard, Pinterest will be implementing a strategy to make promoted pins (which started back in May) more relevant to users. Pinterest will update their privacy policy on October 19th with more details. Promoted pins is similar to Facebook boosting a post.

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