600,000 Facebook users unknowingly take part in psychological experiment Do you think Facebook was justified in carry out this experiment? What was there agengda? The results are interesting but unsurprising. Basically they altered the feeds of over 600,000 people to monitor their emotional responses. I don’t think people like the idea of being manipulated without […]Continue Reading


Practical SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites by Paul Friend To ensure your e-commerce site sustains it’s profitability in the long term, it will needs to keep achieving exposure in front of the right audience. The most effective way to achieve this is through relevancy and to have your e-commerce website ranking at the top of […]Continue Reading


What mistakes to avoid when managing a Google Adwords campaign. You have carried out your marketing audit and have identified that one of the marketing tactics to achieve your objectives is to undertake a Google adwords campaign. If you manage your campaign correctly, Google Adwords could be one of the most cost-effective marketing tactic choices […]Continue Reading


Facebook Story Bumping…the story so far. by Paul Friend As you may be aware last year Facebook changed their algorithm. This created lots of confusion amongst Facebook page owners, and Facebook marketing managers who were left scratching their heads as previously popular content seemed bereft of engagement and other content seemed to zoom up and […]Continue Reading


Improve Your Facebook Sidebar Ads to gain more clicks.   With the organic reach of a business page becoming smaller and smaller. If facebook is a key element of your social media marketing plan, it is vital you maximize any paid advertising you undertake. We have taken the lead from Jim Belosic, who wrote the […]Continue Reading


We were carrying out some research for a new customer into his SEO as he has fallen dramatically in his organic search position. We came across a couple of articles and we have combined the following findings as part of the research  into why he had dropped so dramatically. It does finally appear that correct […]Continue Reading


Reasons Content Marketing May Fail by Paul Friend Content marketing as with many marketing strategies is a result of marketing planning of which many businesses for whatever reason choose to skip over. In addition it cannot be undertaken in isolation from other elements of the marketing mix. It could be argued that it under pins […]Continue Reading


This is a great article explaining the differences between the different options Facebook gives you when it comes to paid advertising. Did you know Facebook has decreased the organic reach of pages? The days of free social media marketing are reducing all the time. However it is not all doom and gloom and with correct […]Continue Reading


We have a package, where we build social media brand awareness for a business for £100pcm Initially we obtain from you up to 20 keywords/short phrases and load them into our tracking software for Google search rankings. We then use the same keywords when creating content posts for your social media channels. We will supplement […]Continue Reading


Whilst I was researching the latest happenings I came across a couple of articles that are speculating that Facebook be getting ready to force businesses to pay for any post that is blatantly promotional in nature? Select people have been invited to take part in a Facebook survey. The objective is unclear but it looks […]Continue Reading