Why would you need to build alliances on Google+? Currently Google+ isn’t as crowded as other social media platforms; therefore it is easier for you to establish yourself as the authority in your business sector and by association your business. It’s your perceived authority status that makes you valuable to other members in your business […]Continue Reading


“Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic.” Is your business using Pinterest? We have been watching Pinterest for a while now and really enjoy discovering new things about the platform as well as ways to help businesses grow. We have researched some of the latest findings from the world of digital marketing and want […]Continue Reading


What is a bounce and why do you get them? Bounces are undeliverable addresses to an inbox. When an e-mail bounces, it is classified as either a soft or a hard bounce. Hard bounces are addresses denied for delivery due to invalid emails or an unexpected error during sending. Soft bounces are recognized by the […]Continue Reading


Digital marketing the skills you need to have to succeed. We receive more and more requests for help and support in the world of digital marketing; we completely understand the importance of this medium for small businesses. We often review the skills we believe are needed to stay sharp in this fast paced medium. One […]Continue Reading


As many businesses and marketers are well aware, successful digital marketing requires that your content generates social media engagement. Many mistake social media as just a forum for marketing, wrong it also acts as an extension of your business and its culture. Regardless of the social media platform you opt to use, it is important […]Continue Reading


Many business owners feel like online marketing is rocket science. They pay money to make the challenge of finding customers someone else’s problem (though, to be honest, it is always going to be their problem) however an outsourced marketing company can provide support and advice. Get Involved In Social Media Social media isn’t a mystic […]Continue Reading


Identifying which tools are right for you requires a clear definition of your business and marketing objectives. Some are real-time, highly customized dashboards that enable you to manage multiple accounts, use shared work spaces, and respond on multiple social networks with one click. Others are simple, effective, and lightweight, and provide the right amount of […]Continue Reading


Video Marketing and its benefits   Video should add the “wow” factor to your online marketing and business brand They say a picture speaks a thousand words, how many words does a video speak? Not that I am undermining the importance of the written word, but videos will add an element to your marketing efforts […]Continue Reading


Social Marketing Tactics That Build Relationships which will ultimately lead to sales. Are you looking for new ways to improve engagement with your audience? Do you want to know the most effective, yet rarely used social tactics? Provide Customer Service on Facebook Many businesses seem to use twitter as the default social media channel for […]Continue Reading


Friendly Consultancy are an extremely cost effective alternative to providing marketing solutions for your business. Why would you employ one person in house, when you can access a whole team of marketing focused individuals for less. Outsourcing your marketing need not be as expensive as you may have previously thought. We have customers who utilise […]Continue Reading