Are you making use of SlideShare as a social media marketing option? With a little effort you could you SlideShare as a conversion tool. SlideShare is owned by Linkedin and is useful for sharing presentations giving you creditability with your audience in addition it’s a hot social platform. Many businesses are missing out on the […]Continue Reading


Do you want to promote your local business to customers using Facebook? Have you heard of Local Awareness Ads? Local Awareness Ad campaigns are fairly easy to set up and let you reach Facebook users based on the business location they’re closest to. Why Local Awareness Ads? Instead of using boosted posts or Facebook ads to […]Continue Reading


How to say sorry via digital media We support and help many customers with various aspects of their marketing. One of the issues that repeats itself is dealing with a mistake. As part of our mentoring programme we are there to help them with this on an individual case basis. If you prefer you can […]Continue Reading


When it comes to effective marketing you must identify who your customers are on numerous segmetations, especially behavioural.Continue Reading


Plenty of people will think you’re “wrong” — but it’s more profitable to be “wrong” than to prove you’re right. When it comes to customer service sometimes it is better to think about the bigger picture. It’s often easier to say, “You are right, we are wrong.” Rather than fight with an unhappy customer, it’s […]Continue Reading


Transforming Twitter Engagement into Lead Generation Find Potential Leads The first step to lead generation is finding your target audience on Twitter. Where are they located and what are they talking about? For brick and mortar brands, you can geo-target and find conversations based on what city or post code they are located. Regardless of […]Continue Reading


Why content marketing is getting so difficult!   Whether you’re an individual blogger, working in a business or working for a brand, many niches are getting crowded with content and social media activity. This makes it very difficult to compete. Many have been sucked into the thought process of must produce content regardless of the […]Continue Reading


I am often asked how can you work with a range of sector and still support them to be successful. No matter what your marketing requirements they all initially follow the principles of marketing. This of course is true about your marketing content. Over the years I have noticed a few changes in marketing content; […]Continue Reading


Are you advertising on social media? Do you want more attention for your social media ads? The way you design your ad impacts how much attention it gets with social media. How Attraction Works Each second, your senses are bombarded by over two billion bits of data. The only thing that keeps your brain from being […]Continue Reading


Are you using Google+ Do you want to reach more people on Google+? Are you using Google+ hashtags? The great benefit of using Google+ hashtags, it makes it easier for people to discover you and your content, even if they’re outside your circles. That added visibility gives you and your business greater overall reach. Once […]Continue Reading