Helping you succeed with your business marketing.

What motivates you to succeed with your business?

What do you define as success?

Do you NEED to grow your business, but not 100% sure how?

Are you stuck in a cycle and do not know why?

Have you invested in marketing, but not sure if its working?

Would you like to start a marketing plan but you’re not sure which way to go?

Marketing coaching to achieve success


Ask yourself, would you benefit from discussing your concerns, ideas and plans with an independent qualified person who will give honest answers?
Have you ever thought that sometimes, all you really need is to access to a range of persons with whom you can freely and openly discuss your ideas, plans and aspirations? An impartial person with knowledge and experience to help you find solutions to your problems and everyday challenges which face every new or evolving business.
Regardless of the size of your business, having a qualified person in the background to give advice and who can objectively discuss your plans and business development goals without bias is invaluable to a modern day business. A mentor who can help you overcome your fears and instil pride, ownership and support while your business evolves.
Accessing a new perspective will help you to develop a sound and viable marketing strategy for growth, which will help to establish confidence in your business.
I fully understand the pressures you are under to make your establishment a success. Would you like support and guidance with the following and more:
Identifying what are your real drivers and motivation behind your business.
Achieving the best out of your social media marketing.
Understanding all the aspects of digital marketing.
Identify your target market and measure it.
Identify customer profiles and monitor them.
Identify your business positioning within your customers minds.
Identify areas of growth and how to access these and manage them effectively.

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Growing your business

You know you have the right service or product, however, are you sending out the right messages to the correct target audience?
Do you plan your marketing for the future?
Get yourself in the know, to really grow and market your business. We’ll provide the marketing expertise, ensure you have the knowledge to put it into practice and support you in your decision making.
As a cooperative we work with a range of small businesses on a daily basis, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We offer expertise, empathy and years of experience.
I hear what you are thinking; this would cost more than my marketing budget. What if I told you that you could have access to all of this from as little as £150 per month?
How? Passion is our motivation not financial rewards.We have a passion for helping people grow their business. Personally I returned to University to become a fully qualified lecturer/teacher/mentor allowing me to support more people more effectively.
Why? I really enjoy taking the time to work with and mentor a person to succeed in growing their enterprise. It gives me great pleasure to see a person and their enterprise grow.
What? Everybody is an individual so there is no off the shelf packages. I sit down with each individual and look at their objectives and Strengths and Weaknesses and together we devise a bespoke solution to help you achieve your goals.
When? We constantly revisit your goals and if require adjust or add further goals to the programme. We fit the mentoring sessions in around your schedule.

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Take advantage of our knowledge and passion to help you grow your enterprise, without breaking the bank. In this modern world we all need a mentor who we can call upon.
Our unique, yet extremely affordable, mentoring and consulting service allows you access to qualified and widely experienced marketing consultants when you need them. Our rates are low because we are very efficient at the services we provide. The traditional tender process means a team of people preparing a bid for a project. If unsuccessful somebody still has to pay their wages. This is built into the fees of companies that tender for work.
Mentoring, Monitoring, Measuring, Modifying, Managing
The key to your marketing success is through adopting an integrated and consistent approach to your marketing activities, then through effective management and monitoring of the resulting data achieving your objectives.
 Put “mmmmm” into your enterprise
 For more information about my mentoring programme contact me: or 07966828679
Please feel free to browse the news updates as you will find many useful tips on marketing.

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Paul of Friendly Consultancy has over 25 years’ experience of business start-up, development and growth, he has walked the path most evolving businesses will travel and is well placed to help guide you through the process. He is a qualified mentor/coach and keeps his hand in with teaching, benefitting you.
 Friendly, jargon free, approachable and is focused on helping his clients achieve all they want for their business or organisation.
Some additional benefits of undertaking a mentoring programme include Transfer of Knowledge and a deeper comprehension of the subject and we make it as enjoyable as possible.
Helping individuals acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills in marketing is essential for any organization. Mentoring is an effective approach to support, organize, create, capture, and expand knowledge. It supports short and long-term situations as well as topical learning, also reducing the time required for knowledge transfer, by providing direct access to a mentor and resources sharing the required contextual knowledge and skills in an environment that promotes rapid learning.
Due to 80% of learning being informal, undertaking a mentoring programme empowers learning in ways that manuals, intranets and training programs fail to deliver. It shortens the learning curve, enhances productivity and helps employees align to business strategy. In addition, knowledge transfer fuels succession planning, ensuring that once executives retire, someone with plenty of company knowledge will be ready to step into place