Why is marketing management so important?

No matter the size of your organisation, it needs cost effective marketing management to create growth. Marketing and marketing management is how your business connects with existing customers and how you attract new ones. Marketing in its simplest form is about communication, sending out the right message through the right channels. However that is where the skill of Friendly Consultancy comes to the front. You are constantly communicating; being aware of what, when and who you are communicating with is often over looked. Monitoring your communication is vital to the sustained growth of a business. We support you in identifying all your communication deliberate and otherwise, looking at its aims and objectives. Consider these statement!

How many companies have a great product or service but not sure how to let customers know?

Have you considered as well as attracting customers, how many, your marketing might be alienating?

Friendly Consultancy has a wealth of knowledge and aims to de-mystify the marketing dictionary and we believe in results not jargon…

What is marketing management and does it matter?

Marketing should be at the heart of every ambitious company, it is how we find new customers and build relationships with existing customers. Through targeting the right messages to the right people, effective marketing will enable a company to achieve their ambitions, and good marketing planning is crucial, whether it is done in house or outsourced.

Not having aims and objectives and planning for your marketing activities is like embarking on an engineering project without using an engineer, yes it can be done but it won’t be fit for purpose nor will it be effective or measured.

Marketing is an investment to help increase business growth and good marketing management will save your business money.

Based in Derby, Friendly Consultancy provides a full range of marketing management services including outsourced marketing, strategy and brand development, search engine optimisation, project and marketing training.

We work in collaboration with a number of creative businesses to provide a consistent tailored and professional service without compromise – and without the ‘big agency fees’.


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