I am often asked how can you work with a range of sector and still support them to be successful. No matter what your marketing requirements they all initially follow the principles of marketing. This of course is true about your marketing content. Over the years I have noticed a few changes in marketing content;

In this modern world the majority of consumers want to know what is in it for them. Remember to sell the benefits of your product. How will your product or services solve their problem? Will it meet with their emotional desires? Does it evoke an emotional trigger in their buying cycle. With the ability for consumers to communicate via social media it is vital to be honest about the customer journey, what can they expect from you. This should make up about three quarters of your content with the option for those that are interested to click to read on. ¾ of your content. If you are not an established brand within your sector I would say this content is more important than you at present. Until your brand builds a reputation, within reason does the consumer mind who solves their needs?

Marketing is about the benefits of your product and building that brand loyalty. The days of being able to spout about how long you have traded and how great your work is are gone. If a consumer wants to do business with you they can quite easily find out all they need to know via the internet. Only add the about you to speed up their own research after you have gained their attention.

It can be subtle or even sublimely but I would recommend always including a call to action.

Finally but easily forgotten make it easy for them to contact you via their preferred method. This means including your traditional methods along with your social media details.

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