Let’s hash it out, again: 5 mistakes you make with hashtags that makes you look bad

by Paul Friend, Friendly Consultancy of Derby, find me on google+

One of the major things being abused on social media is the use of hashtags, especially on Twitter. This is just one of the little mistakes businesses do on social media that makes them look bad and leads to disengagement. Here we present to you few of the mistakes we have  seen people make when it comes to hashtags. You should avoid these:hashtags

Never add a space to a hashtag: When you mean to write #howtohashtag, never write “#How to hash tag”. Hashtags cannot contain spaces. This is not a ‘normal’ sentence where spaces should be used. I see this often and I just wonder why people do this. Well, now you know.
Punctuations: Hey, we know you are supposed to be using the right punctuations always, but NOT HERE, please. Hashtags, for now, cannot include “.”, “.” “!” and the likes. Once you add a punctuation mark, it breaks your hashtag apart. For example, avoid writing #M!Spark” when you mean to write #MSpark.
Know the right platform to use hashtag: Social platforms are adapting new things all the time. However some are still not accepting hashtags, at least for now. Only in the middle of 2013 did Facebook allow people to use hashtags.

Avoid making a sentence with a hashtag: Please, please, it’s annoying when you say #ladiesbecarefulsoyoudontloseyoursanity when you can simply say “Ladies, be careful so you don’t lose your sanity”. Truth is long hashtags hardly make the desired impact. It’s often difficult to read a long hahtag because of the “no-space” rule.
Space your words: Do not tweet “Iamthe#best”, tweet “I am the #best” instead. For it be recognized as a hashtag (by algorithms), there must be a space before the the “#” symbol

Only # a topic that is relevant, for example #marketing is relevant to friendly consultancy, however #earnfromhome is not.

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