Whilst I was researching the latest happenings I came across a couple of articles that are speculating that Facebook be getting ready to force businesses to pay for any post that is blatantly promotional in nature? Select people have been invited to take part in a Facebook survey. The objective is unclear but it looks like they are checking their algorithm to identify adverts or blatant advertising posts.

Maybe I’m just too much of cynic–I’ve seen a lot of the web monetized over the past decade–but I can’t quite shake off the feeling that Facebook might be looking to force businesses to pay for any post that looks like an ad. After all, only 6% of posts make it into a user’s feed anyway, so we’re not far from that now.

Still, now is not the time to give up on Facebook. There are still a number of reasons to include Facebook in your marketing and reputation management efforts:

  1. Your customers may not “see” you in their feed every day, but they still expect to find you, if they need to reach you.
  2. Your Facebook page will help push down negative pages in Google. It’s still free–at least right now–to have a Facebook Page, so you may as well use it to help build a positive Google reputation.
  3. Six percent is still a number. You’re message will reach at least some of your fans, and it won’t always be the same 6%, so don’t give up.
  4. Facebook is a gateway drug. There’s still a strong chance that someone will share your post, photo, URL, to a different social network. Perhaps one that has higher engagement.
  5. Your true fans won’t miss your posts. If someone really is a fan of your brand, they will make a point of reading your Facebook posts each day. I, for one, make a point of clicking on my “Pages Feed” at least 3-4 times a day. I actually kind of like the fact, that I can the skim through all of the brand messages, and not have to stop to click “Like” on that photo of a friend’s adorable kid, dog, cat, parent, car, lunch, duck face.

The downward engagement rates are a reminder not to put all of your marketing eggs in a single basket, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up on Facebook.

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