Facebook Story Bumping…the story so far.

by Paul Friend

As you may be aware last year Facebook changed their algorithm. This created lots of confusion amongst Facebook page owners, and Facebook marketing managers who were left scratching their heads as previously popular content seemed bereft of engagement and other content seemed to zoom up and down the newsfeed.

Now posts that receive more engagement will make it higher up the feed – regardless of how old a post is. Prior to story bumping, posts worked on a chronological process as the post aged it slid down the newsfeed. The thinking now is that Facebook wants you to see posts that you may not have first encountered before they were popular/when they were first published, thus improving your experience as a user.

How does this affect you as a business owner?

Facebook of course claim it is good news providing your content is popular! The aim of news feed is to try deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time so they do not miss the stories that Facebook believes are important to them. On a positive note Story Bump will also help to extend the shelf life of your posts, previously a post, no matter how good its engagement could potentially disappear in just a few hours. Once you have your content creating engagement youou may find that as time passes you actually see a sharp rise in likes and comments.

Which leads nicely on to ensure you are creating the correct content to make the most out of Story Bump and it is achieving the level of engagement to meet your social media objectives

Engagement – Content is king

This is easy to say but takes good marketing management of your content and analytics. You need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse of what your audience wants to hear, see, watch, and read. Your post cannot be dull and uninspiring; otherwise you are unlikely to achieve the success you desire. Here at Friendly Consultancy we go on all the time about objectives. Creating content is no exception; before you post anything ask yourself; why would anyone like or comment on this post? What will they get from seeing this content? Will they want to share it with their friends or comment on it? If you come up with nothing, then it’s time to rethink it. We mentioned earlier the best way to ensure that you are engaged with your audience, is to know who your fans/customers are. Build up customer personas and have them in mind every time you post.

Content Marketing

Mix it up

This is where the utilising social media makes it bespoke to each individual business. There is no rule that says that you have to only post pictures, or only text. Mix things up, post links to your website, or links to other relevant content. Engage with other fans, ask them questions and then respond to them.  Then measure what works best for your business, consider what you are saying, how you are saying it, the time of day you are saying it. You may want to create the same message in words, pictures, video, and monitor what differences they produce. If you want to see what great engagement is like then visit the Innocent Smoothies page…they’re constantly providing interesting content to their fans…and no it’s not all about smoothies.

Share other content

This is where many business fail with content marketing and social media marketing. If you see something interesting on someone else’s page or on another website other than your own, and you think your audience would like to be made aware of it, share it. Sharing content can extend the reach of your posts and give you a wider audience and shows you have your finger on the pulse for your industry sector, giving you creditability in the eyes of your audience.


Include adverts as part of your strategy

Facebook and other social channels have the option to promote your posts for a reason! With any post you’re never guaranteed to reach all of your fans, if you’re promoting an event or new product that’s really important to your brand why wouldn’t you pay a small amount to reach the most people? It can be a great way to kick start engagement and help extend the life of your content. But check and double check your post against our first rule to ensure it’s the most powerful it can be.

social media marketing


When your fabulous post gets bumped up the news feed, make sure that you carry on engaging with the people who have liked and commented. Plan a follow-up post or make a comment yourself in the original post, or even plan an incentive – if your post is promoting a new product and you receive a lot of engagement perhaps now is the time to launch a competition to win the new product – this way you can then capture your fans contact details and then add them to your mailing list. Think big…plan well…and the sky is the limit.

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