Firstly, let me apologise, not for my forthcoming rant, but more the rambling of the rant. Normally when people comment on what I do and other professional knowledgeable marketers do, I let it flow over me, as I know the value of what good marketing can do for an enterprise.

I suppose that everyone who has a TV and can critique Super Bowl ads or those with a Twitter account thinks they can now say they are a marketer. As all they see is the end result, the advert or the social media content. However, marketing in a little an ice-burg the end result is above the water but all the research and management is the ice-berg under the water. We all know how little of the ice-berg is above the water.



The issue is that many put the title Marketing or Brand in their job role and thus taint the image for the true marketers who use the principles of marketing to achieve business goals.

I often meet business & enterprise owners who say “it’s easy just design a simple advert or image and job’s done. I attend network events and have small business owners come to me and ask why would they ever need my services, marketing in easy.

However, when you look at all the elements behind the principles of marketing and factor in actually carrying out and interpretation of the research, on various elements of a business you can see why true marketers are worth their expense.

Effective marketing takes time, you must produce data to be able to analyse and then constantly monitor incoming data and adjust your marketing plan. Factor in how fast things change via social media and it is easy for those in the know to see how difficult it is. Far too many marketing warriors and so called social media experts out there, giving false hope and claims to small businesses which then impacts on those who understand the theories of buyer behaviour and difference between desire, want and need.


If your marketing person is not asking for data to analyse then replace them asasp as they clearly do not know what they are doing. Analysing data has been the back bone to good marketing since the early 1950’s


People often tell me that if marketing is so vital to a business that the business owner or CEO should be in charge of marketing. How can a CEO be in charge of marketing? If that was the case they would have to be in charge of all the functions of a business. Yes, be accountable and responsible but we are all good in our own fields. Small business owners will know their industry and the operational processes to manage their businesses, but very few will have the true comprehension of how an effective marketing plan should be put together.


Marketing is more than just designing some artwork and then advertising it.

Prior to any design work no matter how big or small the enterprise is, they need to consider aims, objectives, strategy, brand promise, customer profiling, competition profiling, USP, pricing strategy, place of product, positioning of product.


Ask yourself do you really understand why your customers are buying your products (feel free to let me know)? What makes them loyal to you or more importantly why are they not loyal to you?


Don’t get me wrong I love that people realise marketing is important to their enterprises, just remember the ice-burg, most of the marketing effort goes on under the water and that takes time and money.


It takes years of learning and experience to fully understand all that goes into an effective marketing plan. I have been in marketing for over 20yrs and I am still pushing myself to continually learn.

Marketing is not just an activity but a set of principles that can be applied to any organisation and give amazing results, however, you need the knowledge and comprehension to get the most out of your data. Someone has to turn the data into information, then into knowledge.

What I love about marketing is that you have to think, define, plan, execute and analyze, using all parts of your brain, your energy and your creativity.


Ok I have said my piece feel free to continue with your day. I wish you all the luck in the world with your marketing.

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