Digital marketing the skills you need to have to succeed.

We receive more and more requests for help and support in the world of digital marketing; we completely understand the importance of this medium for small businesses. We often review the skills we believe are needed to stay sharp in this fast paced medium.

One of the crucial elements many businesses fail to appreciate is the need to be able to analyses the data to create future marketing activities.

We have put the following list together we consider vital when undertaking digital marketing, if you feel you need some support with any of the following you know where we are:

1. Analytics: As mentioned this is one of the first elements to be overlooked when a business carries out its own marketing. If you do not interpret data reports, how can you know if your marketing is working and then make decisions based on their findings.

2. Social Media: Seen by some as the must have Holy Grail. It does depend on the nature of your business but all must have and be able to implement a social strategy, quickly adopt new networks and stay at the cutting edge of social media.

3. Data Visualization: Have you ever taken a statistic, quote or another piece of information and made it into a visual/video piece of content? This is a new must-have skill for digital marketers. We are fast becoming a very visual society especially on social media platforms. You only have to look at the number of videos a person views in a week across all demographics.

4. Technical skills: Can you customize the look of your blog post? Can you edit a video on Youtube and add links? Can you make use of social media advertising platforms?

5. Team Work: Creating and promoting an online campaign is tough to pull off solo. Business owners may not always have the team to call upon to effectively carry out their digital marketing. On some occasions it maybe useful to consider collaborations with other businesses.

6. Newsjacking: This is a skill that as a business can be the most difficult, keeping your finger on the pulse and then realising it as a marketing opportunity can be almost impossible. Did you take advantage of the recent world cup to increase your brand awareness.

7. Soft Skills: Even in today’s tech-driven world, it’s key that when digital marketing you remember to build and maintain working relationships with others.

What other skills would you add to this list?

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