As a way of saying thank you for all your help support and of course a great breakfast I wanted to give something back to the group. I would like to offer members of Derby Networking club a free marketing mentoring session of up to two hours.

No obligation no sales pitch, will just sit and listen to your concerns and questions and answer them if I can. If I cannot will point you in the direction of some one who can.

Just complete this form and email it to me, we will sort out a time and place or via video call. We can discuss various marketing topics such as branding, social media, email marketing, content marketing. Alternatively I understand the pressures of running a business and you just need to blow off steam I have a great big pair of ears.

I have enough spare time for about eight people to book a session. It might not be to everyones benefit but as we are all about learning and support here at Friendly Consultancy, I thought it was a good way to support some people.

Enquiry form

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