Email marketing can sometimes be overlooked in this current climate of social media. However with smart phones, you can spend very targeted emails to customers, and potential customers. Through the use of the right online technology based solutions, we can provide effective email marketing, database management, and email broadcast. When managed correctly email marketing is still one of the most cost effective methods of communicating with your customers.

Email marketing management will dramatically improve your overall Marketing effectiveness, increasing your business development. Through effective database build management and engaging communication with your database.

A bespoke email marketing management package is devised with Friendly Consultancy of Derby from utilising a simple outlook process, to a bespoke email marketing management console. We look at your overall marketing management objectives, and audit your current activities, then provide support and guidance to achieve the most from your Database Management.

Our clients derive value not only from efficient broadcasts, delivery rates and redemption’s, but from our ability to work with them to get the most from their customer data and digital strategies. We have utilised several hubs for data streams, bringing together databases in a way that allows different stakeholders to access reporting and make business and strategy decisions. Our support assists your marketing team to drive sales and to place your product in front of the right people at the right time. We create bespoke packages to suit your needs. We work mainly with independent operators just beginning to develop their database.

Email Marketing

Whether you use your own team of designers or commission Friendly Consultancy to design it is up to you. All you need to know is that we are on hand to guide you through the intricacy of Email Marketing when required. Using our experience we can will help you plan a single small-scale campaigns through to national content managed broadcasts. We source the best technology to fit your requirements. We have used some of the leading email providers in the country.

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We can generate email marketing templates for you to edit yourself or a rate card for ongoing broadcasts. We can also work on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Once broadcast you can enjoy our full read & link clicking reporting that is both visual and insightful, helping you analyse your campaign and plan the next.

Data Building

We often work with our clients to advise on best practice around data collection tools, as well as providing tried and tested mechanics. From data collection through Facebook, clients’ websites, broadcast email, SMS short codes, text TV or traditional paper collection we can assist you with your campaigns.

Web Sign Ups

Does your website have a platform for sign ups? We can normally write API to integrate with your own platform.

Facebook Collection

We can provide Facebook tabs to feed leads to you from Facebook, tabs are a great way of generating sales as well as valuable customer data. Our forms can return automated emails to your customers as well as SMS, or deliver printable vouchers.