We have a package, where we build social media brand awareness for a business for £100pcm

Initially we obtain from you up to 20 keywords/short phrases and load them into our tracking software for Google search rankings.

We then use the same keywords when creating content posts for your social media channels.

We will supplement your social media activity so as not to duplicate the work you carry out.

As a guide you will get three to four status updates across the first four channels a week for the first month or two, as well as management/mentoring support.

As part of the package we monitor the analytics for these channels where data is available. From this data we will make suggestions to what we feel would be the best use of your budget. This could include:

  • Extended content written for Google+, and your blog.
  • Creation of additional artwork for social channels.
  • Creation of simple videos to add to your YouTube channel (helps with SEO as YouTube is one of the largest and most used social channels).
  • Altering the balance of what/when and how content is being submitted (many over sell to their followers).
  • A-B testing of paid advertising.
  • Reviewing the keywords that are being targeted.
  • Advice on possible new social media channels to trial, pinterest, instagram, forums etc.
  • Increasing activity on some channels and decreasing on others.

This package works best, when we work in collaboration with your efforts, our efforts alone will not give you the greatest return. However we will provide guidance and support to encourage you to make the most out of your social media marketing.

Initially we look at the five main social media channels:

It is a monthly rolling contract all we ask is for 28 days notice, as we would have pre planned work for your account.

We advise customers that to show some sort of return a minimum of three months should be budgeted for.

 Contact us on 01332 410005 for more information how we can help you build brand awareness.

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