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Sometimes you just need a helping hand for short periods of time and do not need a full time marketer. This is where outsourcing your marketing requirements to companies like Friendly Consultancy has a huge benefit. You have no downtime through outsourcing, we will not sit on Facebook for personal use and expect to be […]Continue Reading


surround yourself with people who will push you to do better. As small business owners we fully understand how difficult it can be to remain 100% focused 100% of the time. This is why we have our marketing mentoring programme. We have a range of fully qualified mentors and coaches who are available to provide […]Continue Reading


Firstly, let me apologise, not for my forthcoming rant, but more the rambling of the rant. Normally when people comment on what I do and other professional knowledgeable marketers do, I let it flow over me, as I know the value of what good marketing can do for an enterprise. I suppose that everyone who […]Continue Reading


Regardless of the product you sell or the service you offer, it is vital that you understand your various customer segments if you want to grow your business. When did you last look at who are you selling to? Have you asked yourself why do they buy your product? What benefit will your customer gain […]Continue Reading


You will read, hear and be told by any marketing consultant that knows what they are doing that that video content is crucial for helping your business grow in the digital age. However, what you create is still important and always consider the objective of your video. What do you want it to achieve? A […]Continue Reading


Social media in one shape another has been around for well over a decade now, it still amazes me that some older businesses are still hesitant to join in the social media revolution. It is here to stay in some shape or form. We are often engaged in delivering training to businesses about the benefits […]Continue Reading


Ask Fans to Show Their Love for Your Products Can you ask your followers to generate the content for you? Most people have some narcissism inside of them, just look at viral content like the ice bucket challenge. A user-generated content (UGC) campaign is all about asking for and sharing your customers’ content. People love […]Continue Reading


I have recently undertaking a few marketing mentoring sessions with customers, as part of the process I like to reflect on the learning that has taken place. Some of the following maybe of use to you and your business. LinkedIn for leads and networking According to a leading national social media agency Linkedin is the […]Continue Reading


With a wealth of information is can become confusing when trying to decipher which metrics to look at? Hopefully you will find the following useful to better understand key insights from Facebook and to improve your Facebook advertising. Depending on your style of learning and your spreadsheet ability you may find it more effective to […]Continue Reading


As a way of saying thank you for all your help support and of course a great breakfast I wanted to give something back to the group. I would like to offer members of Derby Networking club a free marketing mentoring session of up to two hours. No obligation no sales pitch, will just sit […]Continue Reading