We support and guide you through your marketing requirements. Providing a range of marketing and mentoring services.

We are a co-operative ethos marketing company providing impartial objective advice on how to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business. From our experience we have found that the co-operative approach works best for our customers through reducing costs and ensuring all team members work together towards the common goal of the client.

What makes us different from other marketing companies? We will give you impartial objective advice even if it means that you will not use any of our services. We will always be honest with you even if it means giving you advice you do not want to hear. We appreciate that running a business is difficult so we aim to address your issues in a manner that suits you and removes stress not adds to it.

We considered ourselves to be a co-operative consortium. We are an organisation which consists of self-employed individuals, who work together through collaboration, our team members are based all over the world (England, Canada, USA, India, Malaysia) giving you insight from around the globe and potetial new ideas. Through this ethos we are able to have a bigger presence and a fresh approach than if we worked in one building.

We are happy to share with you our customers feedback on how we have helped them and the marketing of their business.

A couple of significant benefits of using a co-operative based marketing company. Our main focus, like most co-operatives we focus on the service we provide for you rather than huge profits. You only pay for the services you require, thus keeping the cost down and the team are very focused on your project as all have a vested interest in it being a success.

Ask yourself

  • Are you struggling to operate your business and carry out effective marketing tactics?
  • Do you need additional marketing knowledge to grow your business?
  • Would you like someone who can support and guide you with your marketing needs?

Then the team at Friendly Consultancy can help you…

All of our services will be tailored made to your specific needs. Depending on your requirements the cooperative team can provide marketing support for as little as the following per month:-

*Subject to exchange rates

Many of our customers dip in and out of our services as required or have a monthly contract to provide a particular set of marketing needs.

We prefer to sit down with you and any of your team and analyse what is the best form of marketing for your business. Often  we are asked the same questions so we have created this FAQ on marketing adding to them from time to time. Following on from the analyses we will recommend a range of marketing tactics, that you can either implement or ask us to on your behalf, of course we take into consideration your marketing budget.

The recommendations will include both online and off line marketing services including web design, brand building, content marketing, social media and conventional marketing solutions.

One of the main marketing services ask for, is marketing of websites to achieve more traffic and leads. Through our mentoring and management support we ensure cost effective marketing to meet your marketing objectives are achieved.

Through the combined marketing experience of the co-operative, we can deliver the marketing services and support you need.

Depending on your individual business needs,  a range of solutions will be identified, which may include an element of mentoring and training or implemented via several tactics such as improved website design and digital marketing, email management, content creation for SEO, and not forgetting traditional marketing. We undertake single project work such as website design to full management of your marketing working on your behalf to achieve quicker and better results. We are constantly researching the latest findings in social media and search engine optimisation. We keep abreast of the latest trends so you can focus on running your business, combined with many years experience in business we can help you make your marketing management more effective for your business.

An integrated marketing visual approach is vital

In this modern world it is vital not to forget that an integrated approach will always give the best results. We specialise in combining the best tactics for your business. We identify if email, Database Management, Social Media, e-flyers and conventional marketing will provide the best route to increase brand awareness, and lead generation. Through out sourcing your requirements to Friendly Consultancy you are accessing the skills and knowledge of a team of consultants without the financial burden of a in house team. Why have one internal person, when you can have a team of skilled marketing consultants for the same cost?

Several of our clients retain our services to audit and advise on their activities to maximize their brand awareness. Outsourcing your requirements is not only a cost effective alternative but will give you an impartial view of your business. Friendly Consultancy of Derby can manage all aspects of your Online Marketing Consultancy, from brand strategy and objective setting to implementing tactics.

Better social search presents opportunities for communicators who include search in their social media strategy, as well as a few risks worth managing. In the second part of this series, I’ll take a look at a few of the techniques communicators should consider to ensure that they shine in social media search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is for social media search, too!

Please feel free to read our terms and conditions to see how transparent we are when it comes to helping you.

Paul Friend marketing consultant at friendly consultancy

Paul Friend marketing counsellor at Friendly Consultancy